Cyndi's List 2nd Edition Book Cover

Cyndi's List -- The Book!

2nd Edition -- 2 Volumes

A Comprehensive List of 70,000
Genealogy Sites on the Internet

by Cyndi Ingle Howells

An all new, two volume edition of this popular book from the owner of the award-winning Cyndi's List web site and author of the best-selling book, Netting Your Ancestors.

2 vols, 1,665 pp. total, 2001. ISBN 0806316780


"Each web site is categorized into one of more than 100 topics. Each listing contains at least the web site's name and its URL (address). Some sites have a sentence or two describing the information that can be found there. . . . As fast as the Internet is, looking up references in this book is still faster than searching Online." ---EASTMAN'S ONLINE GENEALOGY NEWSLETTER, August 21, 1999

"I tend only to look at those parts of Cyndi's List I'm directly interested in, but this book gives you a much better opportunity to look over the whole site and come across things you never imagined existed. Despite the advantages of the Web, this book is much easier to browse than the Web site . . ." ---PETER CHRISTIAN, Editor, "Computers in Genealogy"

". . . a great tool to prepare for going online or for advising others. This book should be available in all major genealogical Collections." ---FEDERATION OF GENEALOGICAL SOCIETIES FORUM (Winter 1999)

"For the busy librarian who may not have quick and easy access to the Internet, Cyndi's List is an excellent place to look for answers for the genealogical patron. This is an excellent reference tool for electronic Media." --AMERICAN REFERENCE BOOKS ANNUAL (1999)

"This is the printed version of the Internet web site. Simply stated, this is the ultimate source for links to genealogical information on the Internet." --OHIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY REPORT, Vol. 39, No. 4, 1999

"I refer to your on-line 'List' often, as it provides such easy access to links I want to revisit. But the printed version has already shown me categories that I had skipped over that I now realize may be of help in my searches. Thanks again!" --MELINDA CRAWFORD

"I just received your new book and wanted to tell you how wonderful it is. Thank you so much for making this available. I love your web sight but this way I can look for addresses when I'm not on line." --JENNY KILEN


"There is no better place we know to sample the flavor of the Internet's vast resources than Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet, which consists of alphabetical categories of annotated Links."--YAHOO! INTERNET LIFE, July 1997

"The biggest boon to the heritage hunt has been cyberspace. No one has been more influential there than Cyndi Howells, a Puyallup, Wash., housewife who became obsessed with genealogy after tracing her own family tree."--NEWSWEEK, February 24, 1997

"As most online genealogists already know, Cyndi's List . . . is the Yahoo! of the genealogy world. Cyndi's long-established directory of genealogical websites is popular because of its solid organization and its thoroughness."--FAMILY CHRONICLE, July/August 1998

" . . . the site is well-organized and cross-referenced, providing easy access to most key genealogy sites on the Internet for both beginners and experts."--WASHINGTONPOST.COM WEB GUIDE, June 1997

"Best Genealogy Site on the World Wide Web for 1998."--Readers' Choice Award, EASTMAN'S ONLINE GENEALOGY NEWSLETTER

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Cyndi's List -- The Book (2nd Edition)
A Comprehensive List of 70,000 Genealogy Sites on the Internet
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