The CyndisList Mailing List

Purpose of the Mailing List

  • The CyndisList Mailing List is a free e-mail announcement list. It was created to keep users of the Cyndi's List web site ( regularly updated regarding the activities on Cyndi's List. It is also a means for Cyndi to communicate information which she finds of interest to the genealogical community. Cyndi's messages to the mailing list may include any or all of the following:
    • Frequent updates to the site.
    • New links submitted by visitors to Cyndi's List.
    • Activity audit for each category page on Cyndi's List:
      • Number of new links.
      • Number of updated/corrected links.
      • Number of deleted links.
    • Names of categories that have been updated.
    • Descriptions of new features or improvements to the site.
    • Answers to frequently asked questions.
    • Announcements and/or news regarding online or offline resources for genealogy.
    • Details on what Cyndi is up to.
    • Anything else that Cyndi wants to announce!
  • This mailing list is for announcements only and is not set up for posts, replies or participatory conversations.
  • Messages regarding updates to the Cyndi's List web site are usually sent out daily. In general, there are at least two types of frequent messages sent to subscribers of this mailing list:
    • An automated message that includes a breakdown of the number of links added, updated or deleted on each category page for the previous day.
    • An automated message listing new links that have been submitted to theWhat's New on Cyndi's List? web pages for the previous day.

How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe

  • To subscribe, send an e-mail message to:
          [email protected]
    In the subject line and the body include only one word:      subscribe
  • To unsubscribe, send an e-mail message to:
          [email protected]
    In the subject line and the body include only one word:      unsubscribe

Be sure to turn OFF your automatic signature file when sending either of the above commands to the RootsWeb mailing list server.

Please do NOT send subscription messages to Cyndi's personal e-mail address. The mailing list is run by a computer software program that is only accessible via the e-mail address shown above in the subscription instructions. Sending e-mail to Cyndi's personal address only means that she will have less time to add more links to the web site, which ultimately defeats the purpose of this mailing list. Thanks!

How to Change Your E-mail Address

  • Unsubscribe, using your old e-mail address (see instructions above).
  • Subscribe, using your new e-mail address (see instructions above).

Unsubscribed By Mistake?

If you have been unsubscribed from the list and you didn't want to be:

  • Please don't e-mail me personally.
  • Just send in a new subscribe message as shown in the instructions.
  • To subscribe, send an e-mail message to:
          [email protected]
    In the subject line and the body include only one word:      subscribe

Having Problems Subscribing?

Several people have been unsuccessful subscribing to mailing lists, including the CyndisList mailing list, because of the incorrect configuration of their e-mail address within their e-mail software program. This seems to be a common problem, so following is an outline for the solution:

  • Go to your e-mail software program's options menu.
  • Look for the places to fill in your "Reply to" or "Return" address.
  • Fill in your own, personal, complete e-mail address.
  • Many times you might find a default or generic address already available in your e-mail program's options. Be sure to delete anything that may have been pre-installed and included in the set-up of your e-mail program by your ISP. For example: [email protected] or

Still having problems? Send your request for help to Cyndi, [email protected]

AOL Subscriber Problems

America Online e-mail users have a unique set of problems when subscribing to RootsWeb mailing lists. Below are some of the steps you should always take with any mailing list hosted by RootsWeb

  • Add these three mailing list addresses to your address book:
  • Make sure the mailing list is on your accepted e-mail filters to allow incoming messages from any of the three above addresses.
  • Subscribe yourself or resubscribe yourself any time you are unsubscribed. Please don't rely on me to do it for you.
  • Read all the instructions carefully and follow them carefully.
  • If AOL bounces you off the list I cannot be responsible for putting you back on the list. There are thousands of you and only one of me. You have to do your part by resubscribing yourself and making sure you've done everything to keep yourself on the list as described above.

Still having problems? Send your request for help to Cyndi, [email protected]

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