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Before Sending E-mail to Cyndi...

Please read this page before sending e-mail to Cyndi

After the creation of this web site my incoming e-mail became insanely uncontrollable (at one time as many as 500-600 per day). So, I came up with several solutions to help make life easier again. Please read the points below and follow the guidelines on this page. Spending less time each day dealing with e-mail means that I will have much more time to add wonderful new links for all of us to use in our research online. Thank you for your understanding, your cooperation and your help!

Before Sending E-mail to should know the "numbers"

  • I add approx. 2,500 new links per month.
  • I correct approx. 1,500 broken links per month.
  • There are almost 4,000 subscribers to the CyndisList mailing list.
  • There are more than 12,000 Facebook fans.
  • There are more than 1,500 Twitter followers.
  • There are more than 200,000 unique visitors to Cyndi’s List each month.
  • I receive more than 300 e-mail messages each day.
  • There really is only ONE of me!

How to Submit a New Link to Cyndi's List

If you know of a web site that isn't yet included on Cyndi's List, please make note of the address and send it to me via this page: Submit a New Link to Cyndi's List

  • Before submitting a new link, please check the category pages on Cyndi's List to verify that I don't already have a link set up for the site you wish to submit.
  • Use the site's search form on the Search It! page to check for links already categorized and included on the site.
  • New links will automatically be added to a temporary page of uncategorized links for that month. See What's New on Cyndi's List? I will remove the links from these temporary, uncategorized pages once I place them in their permanent home on various category pages on Cyndi's List.
  • New links are added to the individual category pages on Cyndi's List as I have time to visit, verify and examine each web site.
  • I will visit each site to verify that the address is correct.
  • I will use the title exactly as it is shown on the web site.
  • I will determine the categories under which the links will be set up.
  • I cannot guarantee that a link will be categorized within any specific timeframe.
  • Please do not submit a new link more than once.
  • Please do not submit a new link repetitively because you think I may have lost your original request.
  • Please remember that I am working on this by myself. My priority each day is to work on problems relating to the site and broken links first, followed by the addition of new links. I'm doing everything I can to catch up with all requests, so hang in there!
  • Please keep in mind that these pages are here to help me control the large amounts of incoming e-mail I am receiving. I appreciate your time and attention to these guidelines.
  • I add approximately 1,500 new links each month.
  • I intend to add categorized links for all genealogical resources that I find on the Internet.
  • Links will be added and removed at my discretion.
  • There is no fee for submitting a site to be included on Cyndi's List.

How to Update an Existing Link on Cyndi's List

If you have a new address for a web site already linked on Cyndi's List, or if you have an updated description or information to accompany a link, please use the link found on each category page titled: Update a Link.

  • A new copy of the category page will be generated, including a broken link graphic next to each link. The broken link graphic looks like this:
  • Click on the broken link graphic next to the link that you would like to have updated.
  • On the next page, enter the updated information (new address if known, your e-mail address, updated description, etc.) and click the update button.
  • The updated information for the link will be reported to me and I will take care of it as soon as possible.

How to Report a Broken Link Found on Cyndi's List

If you find a link on Cyndi's List that isn't working, please use the link on each category page titled: Report a Broken a Link.

  • A new copy of the category page will be generated, including a broken link graphic next to each link. The broken link graphic looks like this:
  • Click on the broken link graphic next to the link that you would like to have updated.
  • On the next page, enter the updated information (new address if known, your e-mail address, updated description, etc.) and click the update button.
  • The updated information for the link will be reported to me and I will take care of it as soon as possible.
  • Please do NOT report problems that you have with web sites that do not belong to me. If you are unsure, check the URL (address) for the site. If it doesn't contain, then it doesn't belong to me.

Sorry, but I can't help you with your personal research

Genealogy has always been a hobby for me as I have worked on my own personal research. While I have the experience and knowledge, I do not provide professional research services for other people. I can't answer any personal research questions via e-mail because I just do not have the time it takes to help with these types of questions. Work on this web site is my priority and it is my way of helping you with your research. See the How To & Beginners categories on my site as well as any of the following categories in order to get yourself headed in the right direction:Mailing Lists, Newsgroups, Professional Researchers and Queries & Message Boards

Thank you for the kind words!

If there is one thing that keeps me working on this web site every day, besides my own obvious passion for genealogy and the Internet, it would be the tremendous notes of support and the compliments that I receive from each of you via e-mail every day. I appreciate every wonderful note and the thoughtfulness behind them more than you can know. It is very rewarding and fulfilling to know that the site is doing its work as an aid to my online friends. Thank you for taking the time to write and for letting me know how useful the site is and that Cyndi's List is helping you in your daily research online. I will keep working on it as long as you keep using it successfully!

Looking for a specific link or web site on Cyndi's List?

The answer to this question can also be found in several of the other responses in these FAQ pages. I really, REALLY do not have any extra time to help people find sites for a specific topic. The reason I started Cyndi's List was to make it easier for people to find genealogical resources online. Please look through the index and familiarize yourself with each of the categories in order to determine where you might find a specific topic or link. I'm adding new links to the site as quickly as I can. I categorize them appropriately and I cross-reference the links in more than one category whenever possible. This categorization and cross-referencing should aid you in finding a link to a specific type of site. I'd like everyone to think of Cyndi's List as a personal research tool that can be used every day. Learn to use Cyndi's List just as you would learn how to use a library's card catalog or the computer system at your local LDS Family History Center. If you don't find the link on my site, then that resource either doesn't exist online (yet) OR I haven't yet set up a link to it. If you know of a web site that isn't found linked on my site, please feel free to submit a new link and I will be sure it add it to the list.

E-mail messages that I will not be able to answer

I would love to be able to reply to all of the e-mail I receive. I really do enjoy meeting new friends and chatting online with them. I also believe in being polite and responding to all of the e-mail that I receive. I set up an auto-reply message so that people will at least know that I have received their message. I have done my best over the years to reply to my incoming e-mail and to keep up with everyone. However, realistically, it just is not physically possible for me to do this. I'd rather spend my time updating the web site, adding new links and correcting broken links. My time is better spent on this than on composing e-mail replies to questions that can be answered via the FAQ pages on the site.

There are now several automated processes in place on this web site to help me deal with my e-mail. Therefore, I am formally letting everyone know that there are specific types of messages that I will not answer personally from this point forward:

  • Requests for personal research help, advice, tips or guidance. (See the How To page instead)
  • Requests for help to find specific web sites or links within Cyndi's List. (See the FAQ - Do you know if there is a web site for, ? page instead)
  • Questions about me or about the web site. (See the FAQ page instead)
  • Questions about computers: how to use computers, how to use software, etc.
  • Messages which don't actually contain a question.

Curious about Cyndi and Cyndi's List?

Over the last few years I have been asked all sorts of questions about me, my web site, why I do all this, and whether or not I have a "real" life aside from the web site. To save time and lessen the incoming e-mail load I created a set of FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions pages to answer these questions.

Important Supporting Pages for Cyndi's List

  • The Alphabetical Category Index
    Just a straight, alphabetical list of every category web page on Cyndi's List.
  • The Topical Category Index
    Similar to the Alphabetical index, but sorted by topic.
  • Search or Browse
    Learn how links are categorized on Cyndi's List by using this site search engine.
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    About Cyndi and Cyndi's List
  • Browse New Links
    An index to the new links created in the past 30 days.
  • CyndisList Mailing List
    Receive e-mail updates about what I'm doing with the list.
  • Create a Link to Cyndi's List
    Buttons and the HTML code you need in order to set up a link on your web site to Cyndi's List.
  • Make Cyndi's List Your Homepage!
    The next time you start your web browser, you'll go directly to Cyndi's List.

I appreciate your understanding and your thoughtfulness. Thank you very much!

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