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    31 Jan 2010

    • Genealogy Military Records

      Trying to build a family tree and information on long lost relatives? Military records may be exactly what you need to fill in the gaps. Whether it's a good thing or not, almost ever generation in every major country has gone to war.

    • Using City Directories For Genealogy

      Many major cities, and even some smaller ones, have been tracking the information of their residents for centuries. In fact, in some of the older major cities you can find records that date back to the 1700's.This is a great source of information if you're trying to build a family tree.

    • Close Edit Lens Genealogy System - Organizing Your Family History Search

      Do you have a Genealogy System that works for you?How do you organize all your records and information? Or should we be asking do you organize your genealogy records and information?!Just days into a genealogy project and you can have more records and information than you know what to do with. Not to worry, there are a number of tools and systems you can use to get organized.

    • WW1 Letters of Lewis Driscoll

      Seventeen letters from Private Lewis Driscoll of Dubuque, Iowa addressed to his parent.Talks his siblings, his fiancee Hazel and other Dubuque locals in the same regiment. Lot contains many photographs of fellow soldiers and military hardware.

    • Letters of Ward B Scripture

      Fourteen letters mostly from Corporal Ward B Scripture of the 328th Infantry to his Mother in Mils, Maine from January 1918 to May 1919.

    30 Jan 2010

    28 Jan 2010

    26 Jan 2010

    25 Jan 2010

    • Early North Carolina Phillips Families (ENCPhillips)

      This is the companion Website to the Google Discussion Group on Phillips Families found in early North Carolina. This site will contain many different Phillips families and the surnames of families that can be associated with the early Phillipses of the North Carolina. The idea behind this Website and the Google Discussion Group is to sort out the many Phillips families using the available historical records and yDNA testing.

    24 Jan 2010

    • GedView: iPhone Genealogy Viewer / Editor - David A Knight's Projects

      GedView is a viewer and recording tool for your genealogy database when you are out and about researching local records, or visiting locations such as graveyards looking for information. It is compatible with iPhone/iPod devices running OS 2.2.1 or above, with additional features (such as mapping) being supported where available.

    • Main Line Genealogy Club

      A club devoted to the study of families settling and living on the 'Main Line' area of Pennsylvania.

    • Linsenbigler Family of Pennsylvania

      A page devoted to the study of the Paul and Maria Agatha Linsenbigler family (and all of their descendants) who settled in New Hanover, Philadelphia (now Montgomery Co.,) PA in 1732.

    23 Jan 2010

    • Village of Alexandertal, Russia

      Village of Alexandertal, in the Lower Volga region of Russia.

    • Communes of Italy

      Devotion to Italian Genealogy and All things Italian.

    • Genealogy Author

      An online source for family and local histories, biographies, genealogies, memoirs, letters and other books.

    • Effigies & Brasses

      Searchable database of medieval tomb monuments - effigies, brasses, etc. Generally focusing on 1200-1450 in all countries where such monuments are present.

    22 Jan 2010

    21 Jan 2010

    20 Jan 2010

    • Family Grows on Trees

      Family Grows on Trees will assist you in creating and growing a complete family tree, which will include facts and figures on your ancestors and the times they lived in. We will provide a complete picture of your family's past and can either get you started or help you go much further. Our research is offered at clear cost levels and we can be as detailed as you want.

    • Family Grows on Trees Blog

      Full of tips and much more besides - this blog gives you advice on genealogy in the British Isles.

    • London Family History Blog

      Our intention is to add any interesting links, books, information, and much more on London Family History, so we can further the information available on London genealogy. We hope you enjoy the read.

    19 Jan 2010

    18 Jan 2010

    • iPhone, iPod Touch genealogy software

      MobileTree is the first mobile-friendly tool presenting content available from the website. Content is presented on an iPhone or an iPod Touch device and will be available shortly on a variety of other mobile platforms. Content is enhanced by adding in photos or stories of ancestors and sharing them with other MobileTree users.

    17 Jan 2010

    • The 'Genie' Genealogist

      Genealogist and Researcher.

    • Eljamal and Relatives Genealogy

      This is a genealogy site for the ancestors of Eljamal and relatives in Lebanon. Some of the related families are Eljamal, Jamal, Al Jamal, Kombarji, Turk, Mikati, Achi, Chehab and more.

    16 Jan 2010

    15 Jan 2010


      Archives and Resources for genealogical research.


      This blog looks at the men and women from Southwestern Ontario who served in the Canadian armed forces. This is as much a historical as a genealogical blog that covers a period from 1812 through to the Korean War.

    14 Jan 2010

    13 Jan 2010

    • LUDWIGSEN's slekt sider

      Foss, Lein, Ludvigsen, Ludwigsen, Casper, Holthe,Kvikne,Frengen, Sandøy, Waagø, Olsen, i Norge, Sverige, Danmark, Tyskland, Frankrike, Spania, USA, Canada, og mange flere land fra 1490 - 2009.

    • German

      German language guide, the right site to learn German language.

    • Nationality of Surnames

      There are some excellent tools on the internet for divining the nationality of an unfamiliar surname, even your family history records peter out on where your ancestors origins lie.

    12 Jan 2010


      World-wide site assisting users to upload and identify photos.

    • Geographic Look-ups

      There are a number of excellent look-ups for matching cities, towns and counties, with both modern and historical names. The US Geological Survey is an especially useful resource. These are good tools for family history researchers who have to learn more about a given place.

    11 Jan 2010

    • BookSmith's Genealogy Book Reviews

      As a retired public librarian and semi-professional genealogist for 40 years, and as editor of a state genealogical journal for the past decade, I practically write critical book reviews in my sleep. Most are of new or recent titles but some are reconsiderations of classic works.

    • - Family History Research & Genealogy In The UK

      Order UK Birth/Marriage & Death Certificates and have them emailed worldwide.Help with UK ancestors.UK research and assistance at hourly rates - no job too big or small.

    • Surname Mapping

      Surname mapping resources including software, and map sources. Geared to English one name studies.

    • Tracking Down a 16th Century English Surgeon

      With a bit of luck and a lot of persistence, it's often possible to track down the details of individual lives from hundreds of years ago. Here's an example of good detective work involving 16th century England.

    10 Jan 2010

    • St Stithians Parish OPC

      Website of the Online Parish Clerk for Stithians, Cornwall. Comprises transcriptions of available parish records and documents etc.

    09 Jan 2010

    • Tracing Old Companies

      Perhaps you've found out the name of the place where one of your grandparents worked. Whatever became of that company? It can be more than just curiosity...old company records can shed important light on your family history. Watch how one researcher uncovers the history of a company that has seemingly vanished. Oddly enough, it's a genealogical publishing company.

    08 Jan 2010

    • Family History Research

      Links to courses and resources for researching your own family history, as well as details about the family names I am researching.

    • Military Research and Consultancy

      Ottawa based freelance researcher registered at the Library and Archives Canada. Specializes in military related research topics. Also available to research medal recipients.

    • HAYS, TRUMP, SZUBINSKI, SMASZ Genealogy Pages

      Local resources for Illinois (Cook and Ogle counties), Ohio (Stark county), Tennessee (Johnson county) and Poland. Includes a variety of obituaries from Ogle County, Illinois.

    07 Jan 2010

    • Estimate Life Events Dates

      Javascript utility page. Input current age or year of birth, U.S. high school or college graduation or death. It generates a web page with charts showing estimated year of births, graduations, deaths for that person and parents. Assumes all dates are 31 December.

    • Bluebird Research

      19th, 20th & 21st century professional family history research services across Central, Eastern & SE Europe. Local expertise and contacts in the field. All nationalities and religions researched.

    • Manuscript Archives

      Site offering manuscripts of interest to the genealogist 1500-1930.

    • Historic List of Nicknames

      Did you know that Tony can be a nickname for Shelton? Check this list of names and nicknames compiled from numerous sources, for hints as to what your ancestor's full name may have been.

    06 Jan 2010

    • Search Engines Index

      Search Engines in every country in the world.

    • Dueling Family Histories

      A fascinating account of the online detective work to trace down the fate of two 19th duelists in Paris, who's dueling pistols are still in the family in modern days.

    05 Jan 2010

    • Lost Recipes From Old Titles

      Find ancestral,childhood, family,recipes by surnames and contributors in New Jersey/USA.

    • The History of Buildings

      You can find out a great deal about old buildings, even ancient ones, using online resources. Especially for churches, town halls, and other community focal points, there is often a rich history that lends insight to how your ancestors lived, worked, and worshiped.

    04 Jan 2010

    • People Search Tools for Family History Research

      People-search tools like Intelius and ReferenceUSA can be powerful ways to track down information on your ancestors, as well as living family members. You can see them in action at this excellent example of how to use people-search tools.

    03 Jan 2010

    • Historic Document Conservation 'Wave'

      This is a public 'wave' on Google Wave dedicated to the topic of historic document conservation.

    • How to Find Your Civil War Ancestors

      The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System is a free online database containing basic facts about the men who served on both sides during the American Civil War.

    • Milestone Images

      Photo Restoration,Genealogic Photo Montage Design.

    • Finding Information on Family Members Who Were Government Employees

      Federal and state governments keep enormous archives of records, including on their own personnel. Take a look at a beautiful example of historical detective work, tracking down info on a former State Department employee.

    • Elyse's Genealogy Blog

      This blog is all about genealogy. I am a college student who has been bitten by the genealogy bug. This is my place to share my family tree, my tips and suggestions, along with my genealogy related opinions.

    • Family History Photos

      Location photography service for anyone with ancestors in Northern England.

    • Northern Ireland History

      Includes a detailed history of Ireland and Northern Ireland and also includes a history of The Troubles.

    02 Jan 2010

    • Searching Old Newspapers for Family History

      Newspaper archives are one of the best online sources available for searching family history...almost every family gets mentioned in the newspapers sooner or later. Here's an excellent example of how newspaper archives can be researched to shed light on your ancestors.

    • What is Genealogy?

      Let's consider exactly What Is Genealogy and why you might be interested in it? Genealogy is the study of a family's ancestry. It comes from the Greek word 'generation' and it can be a great way to connect to your family, history and genetic records all the way back to the beginnings of record keeping.

    • Understanding Birth and Death Records

      Let's take a look and the importance of Birth and Death Records In Genealogy Research and how you can g about understanding them!One of the most useful and perhaps most common type of document used in genealogy research are birth records. They not only tell when a family member was born, they also identify the parents. Unfortunately, birth records are often one of the most difficult records to get your hands on because of privacy laws. Let's take a look at the valuable information birth records can provide and where you can find them.

    • Edmund's Community Courier

      Family Association newsletter containing general and specific information of interest to genealogists. Examples of general information are; research tips/tools/, and history. Examples of specific information is; handler ancestors.

    01 Jan 2010

    • Franklinton, NC High School 1930 Commencement Program |

      Class Roll: Mary Elizabeth Cheatham, Thurston Ailen Cooper, Milton Glover Exum, Louise Reynolds Ford, Maudice Lorena Hagwood, Mattie Virginia Hagwood Eleanor Grace Harper, Tessiephine Harper, Douglas O'Brien Langston, Elizabeth Wheeler McGhee, Festus Alfred Mitchiner, Lillian Parker Mitchiner, Mary Elizabeth Powell, Nina Robertson, Kathleen Rowe, Bruce Cleveland Shearon, Sarah Dixon Vann, Dallas Tucker Ward.

    • Create a Biography From Online and Offline Sources

      Here's an excellent example of researching a family name with online resources, as well as with library references, to create a fast yet comprehensive overview of a person's life from late-19th, early-20th century records.