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This is an index to the new, temporarily uncategorized links submitted by visitors to the previous version of Cyndi's List.

    30 Mar 2009

    • The Heritage Gazette

      Genealogy research/advice articles and genealogy items for sale and genealogy event notices.

    28 Mar 2009

    • Family Reunion Success

      Family reunion planning tips, ideas, activities, games, invitations, checklists, location recommendations and more. Plan a reunion that will deepen relationships and add meaning to life. Submit your family reunion ideas and rate suggestions from other readers. Create and then preserve great family memories.

    • The Moneypit

      The Wareham Project is researching the Wareham - Warham family name internationally. As research progresses the information is uploaded for viewing. We exchange information to help the project.

    • Spokane WA RLDS - Betty's Scrapbook

      Memories of the old Spokane District of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You can add or enjoy old photos, obituaries, history, messages, etc.

    • New York Genealogy

      Includes best links to actual record sources for New York genealogy organized by counties, cities, and record types.


      COLLINSDefinition:1) A double diminutive of Nicholas(2)in England From 'cuilein,' darling, a term of endearment applied to young animals.. In the Welsh, Collen signifies hazel=a hazel-grove, and the Gaelic version of the name COLLINS name is O' Coileáin, which means a young dog. Surname Origin: Gaelic Alternate Surname Spellings: COLLIN, COLLING, COLLINGS, COLLEN, COLLENS Collins seems to be a fairly common name in the world. It seems alot of us originated from England and then travelled to other parts of the world. Also, there appears to be alot of Collins that originated from Ireland and Wales. I havecreated this email list for individuals researching the surname COLLINS or its derivatives. You can either own the surname or have an ancestor with the name. We may be related and we may not. Won't it be great, if we could pool our resources in one place. We have a place where we put our data + create a free database,file area, photo area + even a calendar for dates. This will create a holding area for us. A place to share stories + maybe someones stories will hit a spark. If we do not make a familial connection ; maybe a new friend. With the cost of retrieving information from online databases, this type of format makes sense. If you come across data that may apply to another member,we can share that information + avoid that person duplicating the energy + cost to obtain that data. Also, if you find a person who shares your family tree, we can agree to share different parts of the research and reduce the latter investment.If people have maps, we can put them in our file area. If you to send me files, photos,maps,etc.I am glad to act as historian and put in the yahoo file areas. It is a restricted email list. You must have a yahoo id, in order to view files, photos,etc, To read messages,it is not necessary to have a yahoo ID.This is open to any member of any country researching the surname COLLINS.

    • Old York Burial Ground

      York Maine's Old York Burial Ground. Candlemas Day Massacre victims buried here.

    27 Mar 2009

    • Genealogy from Vedder & Vedders

      Different genealogies from Dutch families Vedder and Vedders.

    • Doukhobor Immigrant Ship Descriptions

      The following index is established to assist family researchers seeking information about the ships that brought their Doukhobor immigrant ancestors to Canada. Search alphabetically by ship name to learn about the physical dimensions and capacity, builders, launches, shipping lines, shipping routes and schedules, name changes, wreck and salvage data, and other information for over 67 Doukhobor immigrant ships. Also included are ship photos and links to other sites of interest.

    • Index of Doukhobor Ship Passenger Surnames

      The following is an index of Doukhobor surnames extracted from over 95 ship passenger lists for the period 1898-1932. Search alphabetically by surname to find the name of the ship that carried Doukhobor passengers with that surname.

    • Guide to Doukhobor Passport and Visa Records

      Passports and visas are among the often overlooked documents that we may have about our Doukhobor ancestors. An official document issued by a country to one of its citizens, the passport allows an individual to leave and return to his or her country of citizenship and facilitates travel from one country to another. A visa, by contrast, is an endorsement by the country to be visited permitting entry into that country. The following guide describes passport and visa records used historically by Doukhobors - their background, content, usefulness and availability.

    25 Mar 2009

    23 Mar 2009

    • Wasowski - rodzina Wasowskich, historia, genealogia, forum - Wasowski family history, genealogy and forum


    • Gemealogy


    • Nebraska Roots and Ramblings

      This blog is devoted to research and resources in Nebraska. There will be information pertaining to genealogical events in the state and a lot of helpful hints and tips for doing research. Occasionally a post will pertain to a Nebraska library that has a genealogical collection.

    20 Mar 2009

    • The Dillon Herald newspaper

      The Dillon Herald newspaper in Dillon, South Carolina. Carries local news and obituary listings that could be helpful to genealogists.

    19 Mar 2009

    • Life-Sketch Volumes

      'Life-Sketch' Makes It Easy For Your Family's Future Generations To Know Who You Are/Were. An Invaluable Treasure To Leave Behind.

    18 Mar 2009

    • Our Roots Under The Rock,

      Researching O'Connor Kerry, Tipperary, Bobbett extended families of Meath, Kildare, and Dublin.

    • Les Serv@nc'nautes

      Births, Deaths, Marriages and other related records of the Haute-Saone region of France; 1700's through early 1800's.

    17 Mar 2009

    • Hague, Warren Co., NY

      A site dedicated to 'Preserving and Promoting to History of Hague'. The town of Hague is located in the northeast corner of Warren County, New York.

    • Inspirational scrapbooking

      Inspirational ideas for scrapbooking of all natures including Heritage, to current family albums which will become part of our family history.

    14 Mar 2009

    • Tangled Trees

      Blog - Making History Your Own - A Genealogist's thoughts, tidbits, inspirations, and, of course, brick walls - All very much randomly posed. One person's life does not stand-alone but interacts with family, neighbors, community, and history. Our Trees become Tangled just by living.

    13 Mar 2009

    • Black Country Gob - The Black Country Community Forum

      If your looking to trace your Black Country Roots then this is the best place to start and finish. We have a dedicated team of researchers willing to search for you FREE of charge. Surnames such as Tibbetts,Darby,Coley,Priest and many many more are all online now.

    12 Mar 2009

    11 Mar 2009

    • Ian Cantwell Website

      Ireland research resource with indexes of names, places & occupations from B.J. Cantwell's Memorials of the Dead, Ian Cantwell's Memorials of the Dead & 1798 Rebellion Claimants & Surrenders. All CD publications.

    • HD Genealogy

      A study of the families who carry the inherited Huntington's Disease (chorea). The database covers most of the United States and there is some information from other countries. We are tracking our families by tracking the disease.

    10 Mar 2009

    • Family Heritage Consulting - Hire a Genealogy Research Specialist

      Do you have family research stumbling blocks in your Genealogy search? Or perhaps you're just too busy to finish your family history quest? I'm here to help! I will research any and all family trees and lineages. Professional Genealogists can be a great help as you trace your family tree. I am extremely persistent. I tackle each family project as if they were my own, and I have never given up a search.

    09 Mar 2009

    08 Mar 2009

    04 Mar 2009

    • Discover My Family

      Expert research to help you discover your British family history. All areas back to 1840, for earlier periods Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset and London.

    • PIERCE Level

      PIERCE Level family history blog takes its name from an area near the town of Wilmer in western Mobile County, Alabama. So many PIERCE family members setteled in the region that it became known as PIERCE Level. This blog follows the ancestors and descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte 'Bonie' PIERCE (1880-1964) and Julia Lavinia MOODY(1886-1965) and the families related to them. It also looks at the region's rural life and history.

    03 Mar 2009

    02 Mar 2009

    • Mid-Antrim Genealogy

      Yahoo Mailing List coverning the areas and townlands around Ballymena and east to Larne, Co. Antrim, North Ireland The home page allows members to post links, photos, databases, and historical information.

    01 Mar 2009