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    28 May 2009

    • Connecting Our Kin

      Personal genealogy website for surnames CARROLL, LINGLE, RORABAUGH, and BALLEW in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, and Tennessee.

    • My Greatorex Family of Sheffield, England

      My Greatorex family with links to Nottinghamshire, Sheffield, Yorkshire, Philadelphia, Orange Co, NY, USA and Alabama.

    27 May 2009

    • Civil War - Pennsylvania Regiments

      Proudly Dedicated to My Patriotic, PENNSYLVANIA Ancestors and Cousins (born, raised in BUCKS COUNTY & PHILADELPHIA). who served with the Union Army during the Civil War.

    26 May 2009

    • Family Tree PHP

      Free PHP script for displaying family trees on personal websites. Imports Gedcom files into a MySql database. Easy to install and to use. Many options and highly customizable, with a powerful template engine. Multi language support. Photos, videos, audio and all other kind of files can be imported.

    25 May 2009

    23 May 2009

    • Eddies Extracts

      Birth, Marriage and Death notices and news extracts from various Belfast Newspapers plus many other extracts including the names of over 25,000 Presbyterians who served in the Great War, Deceased Seamen and several books.

    22 May 2009

    20 May 2009

    18 May 2009

    • Genealogy Translations Pro

      for over 25 years.. We pride ourselves in being able to meet the unique requirements of each or our clients. We know and understand the importance of your quest to discern and gather information about your past from documents, official records, personal letters and even photographs of grave marks you may have aquired through the years. We look upon each project as a unque chance or opportunity to assist you in your search to uncover or unlock the mysteries of your ancestory. Translating and Transliteration of French, German, Latin and Gothic Scripts(Steilschrift).

    • LocalArchiver

      Family photo history sharing, preservation, and organizing guides, tips, and hints.

    17 May 2009

    • Researching Your Ancestors

      Researching Your Ancestors is a blog that shares helpful, ongoing tips for people beginning to research their ancestors and build their family tree, by providing basic genealogy instruction. The step-by-step instructional format allows beginners the opportunity to understand the process of proper research and includes downloadable forms that can be printed out as an aid. Comments, questions and guest bloggers are encouraged in this forum.

    • Oliver of the Philippines

      Homepage of the Olivers from the Philippines.

    • Preserving the Family

      Website providing affordable genealogy research as well as specialty projects such as family history books and collages. Located in Fort Fairfield, Maine.

    16 May 2009

    • Genealogy and History of the de Felice Family and its Relations -

      Comprehensive DE FELICE family website with records going back to approximately 1280 AD. Includes the following surnames: DE FELICE, DEFELICE, PANZUTTI, GUISAN, GRIN, RUTTLEY. Notable persons include Fortunato de Felice, Guillaume de Felice, Gaetano de Felice and Pietro de Felice. Family titles include Count Panzutti, Viscount Yverdon, Marquess de Felice and Baron de Stael-Holstein. Locations include Naples (Italy), Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland) and Montauban. Many original artefacts, book first editions, documents, paintings and engravings are displayed.

    15 May 2009

    • Welcome to the Webpage of Bryant G Bayliffe of Gloucester UK

      Armorials; Barnard's Inn; BAYLIFF; BAYLIFFE; Blackwall; Castle Cary; Chippenham; DANVERS; Dogmersfield; East India Company; ESTCOURT; Hackney Wick; HENDERSON; HIGGES; HIGGS; Holborn; HOY; HUDDART; IRETON; Lincoln's Inn; MEREWETHER; Middle Temple; Monkton House; Pickwick Corsham; PLEYDELL; St. Helena; SAMPSON; Seagry; SEARLE; SEYMOUR; SIDDONS; Six Clerks Office; SYDNEY; THORPE; VINES; WILDMAN.

    • - Free Genealogy Every Name Index Databases

      Free genealogy Every Name Index databases for those big old county histories, vintage yearbooks, directories, and more.

    • Genealogia Familia Robles Pedreira

      Genealogía apellidos Robles, procedente de León, y Pedreira de Galicia. Este sitio incluye entre otros datos : heráldica, catálogo del Archivo General de Indias, con los primeros pasajeros Robles a América; Pleitos de hidalguía y listado de distintos Robles pertenecientes a órdenes militares.

    14 May 2009

    • Where You're From

      Specialists in Welsh ancestry. Offering look ups, professional research and also vacation planning to retrace the family footsteps. We only cover Wales and understand its language and quirks.

    13 May 2009

    • Missouri Civil War Museum

      An Educational Learning Center Dedicated to the Preservation and Study of Missouri and its Involvement in the American Civil War, building a database of all Missouri Civil War soldiers.

    • The Jasper County Mississippi Historical Pages

      A collection of historical and genealogical pages that relate to Jasper County, Mississippi, USA.

    11 May 2009

    • Gravers

      Stories, humor, true experiences concerning cemeteries and gravers. Voice files. Hear the stories.

    10 May 2009

    09 May 2009

    • Genes-R-Us

      A brand new genealogical resource blog for family historians.

    08 May 2009

    • Silesian Texans

      Bridging with our culture in Upper Silesia, Poland, to enrich our Texas heritage. In the 1850s, immigrants from the European region of Upper Silesia, now in Poland, came to Texas. We are the descendants of those brave settlers, seeking to keep alive their traditions, culture, heritage and memories. This large website is searchable.

    • Sicilian Genealogy & Family Research

      Currently doing Sicilian genealogy and family research on: Notaro, Albanese, di/De Carlo, Graziano, Ingrassia, Peri, Piriano, Ventura, Spinuzza & Fanghi from Montemaggiore Belsito, Palermo; Amato, Insinga, Monteleone, Rizzo, Muscarella, Borzellieri, Noto & Cerami from Cerda, Palermo; Struppa, Sorrentino, Mezzapelle, Sciangola, Castro & Pellegrino from Marsala, Trapani.

    05 May 2009

    • People of Hastings

      A constantly growing website which lists the early settlers of Hastings County, Ontario and their descendants.

    04 May 2009

    • The French Genealogy Blog

      Written in English by an American genealogist who lives in France, with links to the best resources, facilities and books; and reports on how to do genealogical research in France.

    • search geny

      the German genealogy search engine.

    • Building a Living Legacy: JEFFERSON'S Academical Village

      The University of Virginia Art Museum's latest blog corresponds to it's upcoming exhibition which will open in September. The blog features an ongoing research project dedicated to the discovery of the names of the slaves associated with the original construction of the Academical Village. The site encourages visitors to participate by posting any information they might have about those individuals which have been identified to-date. The list of names uncovered thus far may be found under 'The Builders' section of the blog.Highlights:.

    • Emigration from Cham 1802 - 1862

      Official emigrations from the Cham district (Bavarian Forest, close to Czechia) between 1802 and 1862.

    03 May 2009

    • Genealogy Help and Building Your Family Tree

      This site helps you to understand genealogy research and building your family tree. You can search records and download pedigree charts and other forms for genealogy research free. You can search surnames and find it's meaning and origin. Learn to make a Gedcom file, e-mail and share it with family. Genealogy resources and more.

    • WorldConnect Tree for James Allan and Deborah McDonald

      Over twently thousand names of Scottish, French origin. Glengarry County, Ontario and Quebec families.

    • Familylore Game

      great fun for all ages in family history that is not boring to younger members.

    02 May 2009

    • British Chronicles

      chronicle of British kings and queens from the earliest times to the present and their genealogies.

    • Italian Armorial Register

      Creation and registration of coat of arms. Nobiliar, chivalryc, bourgeoise, ecclesiastical and goliardic coat of arms.

    • Cwmbran's War Dead

      Web site listing the names of dead from both world wars from Cwmbran and District, Monmouthshire, South Wales, UK.The site also includes if they can be obtained photographs of or any memorabilia of the casualties.

    01 May 2009


      Cape Town based genealogical research team. Let us search for your ancestors!

    • Memento-Mori

      Burial Ground Indices for various Central Scotland Churchyards and Cemeteries. Some partially, some fully surveyed. MI's & photographs available.