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    30 Aug 2009

    29 Aug 2009

    • MLFHS Toolbar

      Free genealogy toolbar which integrates with your browser (IE, Firefox, Safari) and provides direct access to over 120 genealogy sites. The toolbar is completely free to download and use and has been developed by the Manchester and Lancashire Family History Society for use by Family Historians. The range of sites provided is especially strong for GB and Irish research and will continue to be expanded in the light of users comments and suggestions. Users can turn on/off individual menus via the options menu and they can also choose to add items from a selection of non genealogy links.

    28 Aug 2009

    • Quality Photo Restoration

      Quality Photo Restoration at affordable prices.

    • Reveal Your Heritage

      Heritage Revealed makes it easy for you to quickly get started with your genealogy by wading through all of the resources available. Through 10 minute genealogy lessons and honest assessments of genealogy tools we make it easy for you to find your ancestors.


      Genealogy research in records in Nebraska and Western Iowa. Over thirty years experience researching. Also teach genealogy/family history.

    27 Aug 2009

    26 Aug 2009

    25 Aug 2009

    • Postcards of Cornwall

      High quality images of old postcards of Cornwall, mainly from the 1900s and 1910s.

    • tiptoethroughthetombstones

      Tiptoe Through the Tombstones, Oak Hill Cemetery, Volume I. Newburyport, Massachusetts. By Ghlee E. Woodworth. Step back into time and read about the lives of 80 individuals, who made significant contributions to the Newburyport community during the 1800's; many of them are direct descendants of the first settlers of Newbury in 1635. Contact this site if you are searching for ancestors in Newbury and Newburyport, Massachusetts cemeteries.

    24 Aug 2009

    23 Aug 2009

    22 Aug 2009

    • R. Willeke: Genealogie - PhpGedView

      I am publishing my geanalogical search results on this page (work in progress). My ancestors and their descendants are mostly from Germany (Lower Saxony, Saxony, Slesia et al.). Core names: AM ENDE, BALTZER, BEESE, ISENSEE, KELLNER, KITTEL, KÖPPEN, KRAPP(E), LÄSSIG, SCHARNO(W), STAUSEBACH, STEINMANN, STERNBERG, TANNHÄUSER, WILLEKE / WILLECKE.

    21 Aug 2009

    20 Aug 2009

    • Celebrate Family History

      Celebrate Family History is about helping you start researching your ancestry and make progress quickly.

    • Newspaper Archives from the South

      From Alabama to Virginia, and all southern states in between, the archives listed here span hundreds of years of family and local history in the southern US.

    • Tools for finding people

      If your family history search involves looking for people still living, or only recently passed, then you should make use of the best people search tools the web has to offer. They are are available in this terrific resource article.

    19 Aug 2009

    • The Salvation Army International Heritage Centre

      Archive collections of Salvation Army Records throughout the world. Salvation Army International Heritage Centre based at The William Booth College, Denmark Hill, London, SE5 8BQ.

    • Bonavista Archives

      Collections include material relating to the history of the town and citizens of Bonavista and the Bonavista area.

    17 Aug 2009

    • The Book of AfricanNames

      A selection of hundreds of names from across the African continent for both boys and girls that speak of the history, culture and values of peoples down the centuries through the meanings embedded in them.

    16 Aug 2009

    • Genealogie van Gelderen

      Lots of info from the province Friesland in the Netherlands, containing names van Gelderen, Schoppen, Douwenga, van der Honing, van der Zee, de Jong.

    15 Aug 2009

    • Irish Shipwrecks Database

      Irish Shipwrecks database is a searchable database of ship wrecks on and off the Irish Coast. Each entry is accompanied by a news paper report of the loss often containing passenger and crew names . The Shipwrecks database also contains ships specifications transcribed from Lloyds Shipping Register and British Mercantile Navy Lists.

    • Illuminated Ancestries Blog

      I blog about anything related to genealogy, history, or technology. I discuss my own research, as well as general tips and news of interest to family historians.

    13 Aug 2009

    12 Aug 2009

    11 Aug 2009

    07 Aug 2009

    05 Aug 2009