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    30 Sep 2010

    • Tulloh Family Reunion

      The first Tullohs arrived in Australia from Scotland over 172 years ago and we think it's about time to get together and Celebrate!.

    • Les pionniers de Trois-Rivieres 1634-1665

      List of early settlers of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec with links to genealogical data for those with descendants living today.

    • Southwest Ohio Research: Genealogical & Historical Research

      To search history and to dig into family genealogy is to know oneself and your roots. Let me help you discover your past. Go to the website and click on 'About' to learn more about me, and, click on 'Services & Fees' to learn about ways to investigate the past. I research for individual clients and for organizations. I also offer classes for those who want to learn more about researching. Within this site are pages listing my blogs and podcasts and a large section on 'How to do Quaker Research', one of my areas of expertise. Click on 'Site Map' to see the entire list of topics. I am interested in researching a wide variety of historical and genealogical topics: family histories; the histories of hamlets, villages, towns, and cities; the history of businesses and organizations, the history of denominations and churches, the effect of the Civil War on southwest Ohio, and many other topics.

    • Lifetime Memories and Stories

      Preserving family stories for future generations through oral history interviews and custom life story books. Making recording family members life stories and personal memoirs easy and fun.

    28 Sep 2010

    • HistoryTech, LLC - Historic Preservation Consulting

      Founded in 2005, HistoryTech is a small, client-focused historic preservation consulting firm based in Lynchburg, Virginia. Services offered include National Register of Historic Places Nominations, Historic Structures Reports, Building and Land Research, Deed Mapping, and Genealogical Research. The firm is a small, client-focused organization that works primarily with private landowners, developers, architectural firms, local governments,and stakeholder groups/grassroots organizations.

    27 Sep 2010

    • Family Tree Quest

      Family Tree Quest combines the thrill of genealogy with the rewards of positive generational change. We help people discover their 'roots' as well as strengthen the 'branches' of their family tree. This site has special appeal to those who have had extreme stress, sorrow or dysfunction in their family lines.

    • Family Tree Quest's Blog

      Looking for an enlightening source for genealogy news, resources and research? This is the place.

    26 Sep 2010

    25 Sep 2010

    • Descendants of WWII & Post WWII Association | Honouring War Veterans on Anzac Day

      ANZAC Day is a day where all Australians come together to honor their forefathers on ANZAC Day in Sydney. We have members in New Zealand and Australia. The Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) was a First World War army corps of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force that was formed in Egypt in 1915 and operated during the Battle of Gallipoli. General William Birdwood commanded the corps, which comprised troops from the First Australian Imperial Force and 1st New Zealand Expeditionary Force. The corps was disbanded in 1916 following the Allied evacuation of the Gallipoli peninsula and the formation of I Anzac Corps and II Anzac.

    23 Sep 2010

    • Information about Carl Zeiss an other Thuringian people

      This website contains information about famous Thuringian people like Carls Zeiss, Ernst Abbe and others.

    • Heirloom Ancestry

      Heirloom Ancestry provides customized heirloom-quality family trees that will be cherished for generations to come. Choose from four fine art templates, type in your names, and voilà! Custom printed family charts. Headquarters in Raton, New Mexico and printed by RM Plus in Orem, Utah.

    20 Sep 2010

    19 Sep 2010

    • Historic United States Patents

      List of first 10,000 numbered U.S. patents, issued from 1836 to 1853, with names and residences of inventors.

    • Family Resources - Surname Genealogy and History

      History and genealogy for these families: CAROTHERS, CARRUTHERS, CROTHERS, CARUTHERS and related families such as BELL, BRUCE, DOUGLAS, ELLIOT, MAXWELL, JOHNSTONE, HOGE, IRVING, GRAHAM, FERREEE, LIVINGSTONE, and SCOTT, both in the United States and Scotland.

    16 Sep 2010

    • Honouring War Veterans on ANZAC Day

      ANZAC Day is a National day when all Australians come together to pay their respect to those who have fought for their country and given their lives.

    14 Sep 2010

    • Restore the Ancestors Project

      This project is a collaboration between, the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, FamilySearch and Lowcountry Africana, to digitize every surviving estate inventory for Colonial and Charleston South Carolina from 1732 to 1872, as well as selected Bills of Sale for the same period, in a FREE collection. When the project is complete, the names of more than 30,000 enslaved ancestors from Charleston and surrounding counties will be restored to history in a free online collection, preserved for generations to come.

    13 Sep 2010

    12 Sep 2010

    • Dobbs County's Trail's to the Past Genealogy Project

      This site is dedicated to the researchers of Dobbs County and their search for information on their ancestors. There is quite a collection of information and researchers are always welcome to contribute to the site.

    11 Sep 2010

    • Descendants of Veterans WW2 & Post WW2 Association

      The Descendants of Veterans WW2 & Post WW2 Association honor their forefathers on ANZAC Day by marching in their honor. Join the Descendants in next years ANZAC Day March.

    • World War II ANZAC Day

      ANZAC Day in Australia is the day all Australians come together to remember the diggers that have fought and and have given their lives to their Country. The Descendants of Veterans March in their honour on ANZAC Day.

    • Lincolnshire Family History Researcher

      Contact details for family history and genealogy research in Lincolnshire.

    • Researching Canadian Soldiers of the First World War

      The following pages provide a very brief introduction to researching Canadian soldiers of the First World War. It is intended to merely introduce the topic, as a comprehensive treatment would cover many pages and be overwhelming for any new researcher in this subject area. When appropriate, links to further resources will be offered to supplement the treatment given in these pages.

    10 Sep 2010

    09 Sep 2010

    08 Sep 2010

    • Irish Gathering

      A genealogy website with free Family Tree Builder for the Irish Diaspora.

    07 Sep 2010

    06 Sep 2010

    • Graham Maxwell Ancestry - Bookshop - New Lanark's People - The Early Years

      New Lanark’s People – The early yearsCompiled by A.E. Laurie & Nicholas Young - A Collection of transcribed archive material from over 70 different sources – Most never previously transcribed.Intended for both academic research and family historians. This CD contains transcripts of original archive material from over seventy different sources, most never published before and includes almost all known surviving records applicable to New Lanark (SCOTLAND) inhabitants since 1785.

    05 Sep 2010

    • Tracing your Roscommon Ancestors

      A comprehensive guide to tracing ancestors in Roscommon County.

    • Tracing your Donegal Ancestors

      A comprehensive Guide to Tracing ancestors in Donegal county.

    • Guide to Tracing your Mayo Ancestors

      A comprehensive guide to family history research in Mayo county.

    • Sources for Irish Family History

      A guide to books, monographs and periodical papers on Irish families. Contains references to hundreds of Irish families.

    • Irish Church Records

      This book contains chapters by experts on the records of the 8 major Irish churches: - Roman Catholic - Church of Ireland - Presbyterian - Methodist - Quaker - Huguenot - Jewish and - Baptist. For each, it provides details of the record-keeping practices, their history as it affected record-keeping or record survival, and current availability of the records. It also describes the types of records and their relevance to Irish family, church and local history. The locations of the records of each church, and guidelines for their access are also provided. It is extensively illustrated and indexed.

    • Forever Laced, A Journey Through Two Centuries

      Their history sprang from the ill-fated campaign of Napoleon in Russia, to political upheaval within their homeland of Germany, to strange new habitats of New York, Wisconsin, Missouri and to the Florida community of Eau Gallie. The extraordinary lives of Roesch men are chronicled in the development of America through time and teach us on a personal level the human condition through their social, political and community contributions. They were husbands and wives, farmers, politicians, teachers and entrepreneurs who experienced struggles and sorrows, successes and failures. Lessons of faith, patriotism and love of family are taught, father to son, through the generations. They fought in the Civil War, contributed to the WWII effort and the early space program. Three siblings, separated by tragedy, divorce and time, discover their heritage; the reasons for decisions made, how it affected their lives and reunited them in love.

    03 Sep 2010

    01 Sep 2010

    • Lurgan Ancestry

      The Lurgan Ancestry website is a site devoted to help any person trying to trace ancestors from the town of Lurgan or its surrounding areas. As well as being a resource for genealogists and family historians, Lurgan Ancestry will also give an insight, via the records, stories and photos that are included, to what life was like in the Lurgan area throughout the centuries.

    • Elystan Glodrydd

      Elystan Glodrydd and his descendants.‘Elystan the Renowned’, founder of one of the Royal Tribes of Wales - the dynasty of Rhwng Gŵy a Hafren (Between Wye & Severn), and the later Princes of Maelienydd and Elfael.