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    31 Oct 2009

    • Mad Scientist Alert!

      Since it's Halloween, why not check for a mad scientist in your family tree? Or even a very sane scientist. Millions of patent records from around the world can be searched online. These records extend back to the 1700's. There may be a long-forgotten Einstein in your family's history. Take a look.

    • VON BRATT Family Tree

      Family tree of VON BRATT.

    • Votre généalogiste et votre historien

      Recherches en France et dans tous les pays francophones :Recherches généalogiques : ascendantes et descendantes ou ponctuelles. Recherches historiques : archives nationales, de Paris, départementales, communales, notaires, CARAN, cadastre, armée (SHAD), diplomatiques, bibliothèques.Rédaction & publication de votre généalogie. Tout travail historique : histoire d'une maison, d'un blason et biographique. Organisation de votre réunion de famille.

    • Le Blog d'un généalogiste

      Jérôme Blanc vous fait partager ses découvertes, compétences et connaissances.

    30 Oct 2009

    29 Oct 2009

    • Surname Index

      This site is intended to help people in their genealogical search by pointing them to books or documents they otherwise might not come to know. Many from Eastern Europe.

    • Four Points - Ancestry of My Children


    28 Oct 2009

    • Family Tree Painter

      Creates free, tree-like family trees based on your own family data.

    • Genealogical Volunteers

      If you need some family history information from a gravesite, courthouse, library or archive that's thousands of miles away, don't despair. Family history volunteers stand ready to help you get the information you need, for free. Find out how to put their services to use.

    26 Oct 2009

    • Automatic Alerts for New Family History

      Internet alerts for new information on your family history are easy to set up, and are absolutely free. Anytime a new post is made to a website, blog, news story, or elsewhere on the web, you'll get an email alert if the post has information on your family's history.

    • Simon Peter Jones

      Simon Peter Jones of Whitley County Kentucky married celeter Creekmore.

    • Robert Wynne born ca 1558

      Peter Wynne, born: ca 1682/85, Charles City Co., VirginiaWilliam II Wynne, b. 10 Aug. 1729 d. 8 July 1808 Tazewell County, VARobert Whitley Wynne b. 15 Mar 1789 in Tazewell County, Virginia.

    25 Oct 2009

    • thefhevent

      THE Family History Event, held at the Barbican Centre, London, England biannually May 29th 2011, 80+ family history societies and genealogy suppliers. The biggest Family History Event in the UK.

    • Minqua- People of the Welsh Mountains

      Genealogy Website for Tri-Racial descendants of region known as Welsh Mountains. The area encompasses several counties including, Chester, Lancaster, York, Dauphin, and Berks.

    24 Oct 2009

    22 Oct 2009

    • Union City, PA High School 1931 Anvil Yearbook

      More Pennsylvania Yearbooks and Class Rosters

    • Sandusky, Ohio High School 1924 Fram Yearbook

      More Ohio Yearbooks and Class Rosters.

    • Waterford, WI High School 1917 Graduation Program

      Class Roll: Vera M. Albee, N. Harold Johnson, Lydia S. Keller, Mabel R. Thompson, Alice M. Frederickson, Clarence A. Johnson, Esther M. Gooder, Willard O. Noble, Evelena S. Jacobson, John Elmer Jacobson, Viola D. Handran, Russell M. Hulbert, Merriam Brown, Harriet A. Hardie. More Wisconsin Old Yearbooks and Class Rosters

    • Wall to Wall Media - Family Reunion Programme

      Are you trying to find a member of your family? Has your search gone cold? Or do you just not know where to begin? You may be a birth parent, adopted person, a separated sibling, estranged parent or someone who has grown up in care - hoping to be reunited with lost relatives. From the makers of the hit family history series, Who Do You Think You Are?, a new documentary programme will aim to reunite long lost families. If you are over the age of 18, have experienced family separation and now feel ready to seek a reunion then please get in touch. Follow the link to the application form.

    • Photo-Phixer, photography repair, restoration, and enhancement

      Serving the Charlotte, North Carolina area and the world online! Photo-Phixer is your expert resource for repairing, enhancing, and restoring treasured photographs, portraits, and slides. We are a cooperative of professional photo-retouchers, teachers, and designers who are proud to offer a higher standard of photo repair and enhancement. Our digital process allows us to create a perfect replica of your photo without harming the original. Your memories are valuable. Let us bring them back to like new vibrancy!Spots, stains, tears and other damage can be repaired to like new condition using digital technology. Both color and black and white photographs can be restored to their original, crisp detail. We can swap a smiling face for the original or even add or remove subjects from the original image. We love special requests! Severe damage, discoloration, and even new images created from separate photos are all possible. Contact us today for a free estimate. You will love our competitive pricing options! If you have images of relatives with surnames of Deaton, Love, Taylor, or Sineath you can expect a 50% discount!.

    • Federal Land Records

      Over the centuries, millions of people have received land grants (also known as land patents) from the US federal government. These and other records are available online, for free. Most records are original images, adding to their historical oomph.

    • Yarra Digital - Photo Restoration & Retouching

      Professional Photo Restoration, Repairing, Colouring, Photo Retouching, Editing, Manipulation, Enhancement, Photo Mosaic, Photo Collages, Photo Art Effects. We are based in Melbourne Australia.

    • Salt Lake City, UT East High School Commencement Program 1936

    • Washington, PA High School 1937 Juno Yearbook

      More Pennsylvania Yearbooks and Class Rosters

    21 Oct 2009

    • Finding Your Family

      A simple step-by-step guide for those searching for their past family members.

    • Document Your Family Tree: Find Offline Genealogy Records with

      Genlighten is an internet-enabled, human-powered search and retrieval network for offline genealogical documents. We connect genealogists looking for records with experienced and reliable “lookup providers” who have access to local repositories and archives. Our providers deliver your documents quickly and affordably in high-quality digital image form with source citation data.

    19 Oct 2009

    • Coolen Connections Genealogical Serices

      Professional Researchers for Ontario,Canada & UK.

    • Vigilantes to Verdicts

      Sherri Knight's book about justice in nineteenth century Texas. 'Vigilantes to Verdicts' follows the stories of men and women such as John Wesley Hardin and Tom Wright as they faced judges and district attorneys determined to bring law and order to the Wild West.

    • HALDEMAN-JULIUS Family Tree

      Genealogical reports related to the infamous US publisher Emanuel Haldeman-Julius and his wife, Marcet. Data also includes such notable individuals as Noble Peace Prize winner Jane Addams and Senator John H. Addams.

    18 Oct 2009

    • Mains Family Home Page

      MAINS family from County Fermanagh Ireland to Canada in 1830's and 1840's.

    • Axholme Ancestry

      We connect people by blood, marriage and history with the Isle of Axholme which borders Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire in England.

    17 Oct 2009

    • Free Genealogy Resources in the UK and Europe

      Somewhere in your family history, the odds are good that a branch or two, at least, reaches out to ancestors in Europe. Here are some wonderful resources to explore UK and European family history.

    16 Oct 2009

    15 Oct 2009

    • Circular Ancestral and Descendant Charts

      Billyard Ink produces high quality, uniquely designed, circular family charts (pedigree and descendant) in various formats. These customized charts can incorporate both adoptive and step relations.

    • Fraternal Organizations and Heraldry

      Of interest to members of fraternal organizations and students of heraldry.

    • Offbeat Public Records

      Public records, whether recent or centuries old, are some of the best sources of family history information. For hard-to-find ancestors and relatives, some of the more obscure and offbeat records may be your best bet. Ever did a lookup in car crash report databases, or bankruptcy filings? Now's your chance to give it a try.

    14 Oct 2009

    • Books & Things

      County Histories. Research Guides. Atlases. Shop for large selection of new, used, hard- to- find and out- of- print genealogy and history books.

    13 Oct 2009


      A blog keeping you up-to-date with Maxwell Ancestry’s genealogy projects. Starting with our census mapping project.

    • Genealogy and Family History Center

      Your gateway to items of genealogical interest.

    • Military Lookups for Genealogy Research

      There are excellent online resources for military records from the US and UK. These cover all major conflicts of the 19th and 20th centuries, and some go back to medieval times. A few are well-known, but most may be new, even to experienced researchers.

    • The Lacunas

      Family Tree for the Lacuna clan, from The Philippines.

    11 Oct 2009

    10 Oct 2009

    • The McGriff Family

      40 years of research into History of the families progenitor and his children in text and pictures as they spread out accross t United States.

    • Hathi Trust: A New and Important Genealogy Resource

      Hathi Trust is the latest, and one of the most significant, internet resources to come along. A collection of digital resources from dozens of universities, there are well over a billion pages of materials here that can be quickly and easily searched. A real goldmine.

    • Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Related?

      Yep, turns out they're 10th cousins, once removed, according the New England Historic Genealogical Society. There's more late-breaking news in family history than you might suppose.

    09 Oct 2009

    • National People Seeker

      Looking for Lost Family? Past Loved Ones?? Or want to know whos-who?? Use our search engine to find them.

    08 Oct 2009

    • Woodspring Heritage

      Research service for English genealogy, local history and house history specialising in the Somerset area in England.

    • Irish people search made easy

      This is an article that will help a person do an Irish People search easily and effectively. I also included a review that should be helpful.

    • Help Fill in Michelle Obama's Family Tree

      The First Lady can use some help filling in her family tree, which has roots in both slaves and slave owners. This is a fascinating opportunity for family history researchers, both professional and informal. See if you can help add to the details of this amazing journey.

    07 Oct 2009

    • Latitude 54 Photography

      Are you researching your family history? Would you like to see where your ancestors lived, the church they were married in or even where they are buried?Do you live outside Ireland and need something photographed? Do you have Ulster Scots / Scotch Irish ancestors? Is your family tree just a series of names and dates? A photographic record of these unseen places may be just what you need to give your family tree some depth and get a feel for how your ancestors lived. Having researched my own family tree I have realised how important actually seeing an ancestors home etc can be and then recording this scene with photographs for future generations. I can undertake to photograph anything (within reason) in most parts of Northern Ireland which may help in your family history research.

    06 Oct 2009

    • Search for Your Ancestors' Business History

      There are a number of special records and databases that can shed light on your family history in business and finance. While they don't go back centuries, they do cover a broad spectrum of the business community.

    05 Oct 2009

    • Free Lookups in the Dictionary of American Family Names

      DAFN is an important resource for genealogists, and ordinarily costs hundreds of dollars. But you can access its content online, at no cost. Lookup your family name to learn its origin, geography and the context in which the name first came into use.


      site généalogique et historique consacré à la tribu des Beni Foughal en Algérie (régions de Jijel et Guelma).

    04 Oct 2009

    • Search Your Family's Musical Heritage

      Any musicians in your family tree? Here's how to find out.

    • My Timeless Reunion

      My family's journey through time... a work in progress....When I started this project, I truthfully had no appreciation for the introspection that would come from it. My hope was to simply give my son the gift of knowing where he came from. After a few short months, I realized this gift has the potential for so much more. Dr. Henry Louis Gates has said, “Knowing about the past reveals more about the present. Knowing about your ancestors teaches you more about yourself.” So far, I couldn’t agree more….

    • UK Schools,Colleges & Universities

      Find public and private UK schools, independent schools, boarding schools, UK colleges & UK universities in our UK Schools website.

    01 Oct 2009