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    29 Nov 2009

    28 Nov 2009

    • Write At Home With Family Ancestry

      I focus on sharing family ancestry and helping other ancestry bloggers write effective copy and articles for their pages.

    • Markoe Offshore

      Traces Markoe and related families pre-USA.

    • Bretagne 1914 -1918

      Retrouvez les poilus Bretons morts pour la France classés par communes, monuments aux morts, régiments, lieux de recrutement, lieux de sépultures.

    26 Nov 2009

    • Mr J Rice Cassidy & Co. Presents...

      This website is dedicated to my grand uncle James Rice Cassidy and his wife Lillian Clare. For over thirty years (from the last decade of the 19th century until the 1920's) they toured the length and breadth of the British Isles entertaining audiences with their own special brand of humour and drama. Also contains links to other sites helpful for researchers with theatrical ancestors.

    23 Nov 2009

    • ODOM Oracle

      Odom Oracle by: Sherrie Paty Barber (Author)ISBN: 0-7414-5579-X ©2009 Price: $24.95 Book Size: 8.5' x 11' , 423 pagesOdom Oracle follows six generations of the James W. and Mary Crisp Odom family spanning across America from Tennessee in 1815 to post World War I years. Category/Subject: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / General Odom Oracle chronicles six generations of the James W. and Mary Crisp Odom family from 1811-1925. By James’ death in 1843 a family dynasty had been formed in Middle Tennessee. Among the second generation, Franklin Odom, who owned over 2000 acres of land, more than 90 horses and 75 slaves, fought beside his six sons for the Confederacy. By war’s end Franklin had five sons, no horses and land overrun by carpetbaggers. War’s devastation uprooted numerous Odom families moving them from Tennessee towards Texas and beyond. This is the Middle Tennessee Odom story.

    • Free Human Translation Help

      This site identifies websites where family researchers can get free human translation help, which is much better than machine translation. This is part of Your Genealogy Help Site.

    22 Nov 2009

    • Pulyn-Yr-Aleg Castle

      Historic castle site on the Welsh coast.

    • Feldpost der Familie MUEHLBAUER

      Military postcards written to my grandfather Anton MUEHLBAUER during the years 1914 to 1920 (world war I); he lived in East Bavaria/Germany; the postcards are sorted chronologically, by sender, by motif. An overview map is also privided.

    21 Nov 2009

    19 Nov 2009

    • Genealogyland Blog

      A blog with a twist! Genealogy topics from A to Z brought to you by a researcher with over 35 years of experience.

    • In Search of Jumbo's Landing

      a blog dedicated to piecing together what is known of the settlers of Grand Lake Stream (Maine) and its surroundings, their ancestors and their descendents. Invites contributors to both comment and post questions of their own. YATES, GOWER, GILLMOR, MULLIN, INGERSOLL, HARE, HATHAWAY, DODGE, BROWN, PEABODY, SMITH, NORTON, COLSON.

    18 Nov 2009

    • Wading in the GenePool

      This blog will document my efforts to become a CGRS, as well as my own Family history research for fellow Ellefsons, Orella, Von Achen, Galloway, Barefield, Hadsell, Shanks, and Shuop. I also have non-familial projects concerning Charles Blenmen of England, and Knowlton Carson of Kansas.

    • Généalogie de la famille du COLOMBIER

      Généalogie et héraldique de la famille du COLOMBIER.

    • Irish Gleanings to connect people to townlands in Ireland

      Information on the place of birth for hundreds of Irish migrants. Most of the information is from the Registration of Americans at the United States Consulates in Ireland.

    17 Nov 2009

    15 Nov 2009

    • Généalogie des familles HUARD et PETIT

      Cette généalogie comprend : 4500 individus, 1600 familles, 1100 patronymes et 225 lieux Patronymes principaux : COMBE, FONLUPT, MARTIN, MORIN, MULLER, PANNETIER, ROUX, VIALETTE, WEISS...Lieux principaux : Alsace, Auvergne, Basse-Normandie, Bourgogne, Centre, Champagne-Ardenne, Ile-de-France, Languedoc-Roussillon, Limousin, Lorraine, Martinique, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, Rhône-Alpes, Algérie.

    14 Nov 2009

    13 Nov 2009

    • MyPhotoRepair - Photo Restoration

      Photo repair and restoration service. We help genealogy enthusiasts around the world repair, restore, edit and retouch old, damaged or faded photos.

    11 Nov 2009

    10 Nov 2009

    • Free Cemetary Headstone Pictures

      A growing collection of headstones that have been photographed and transcribed from cemeteries around the United States. Searchable by state, county, cemetery or surname.

    08 Nov 2009

    07 Nov 2009

    • His Majesty's Royal West India Rangers

      62 Royal West India Rangers disbanded in New Brunswick (now part of Canada) in 1819. Includes a list of the Rangers, their reported birthplace and previous regiment, their physical descriptions, their family composition in 1819,and sometimes links to other websites with more genealogical information. This is a former geocities website, now moved to a new provider.

    • Likever

      Louis ROSENBAUM, Painter Dora ROSENBAUM, Charles ROSENBAUM, Doctor Abraham ROSENBAUM, William ROSENBAUM, Lukow, Poland, Russia, New York City.

    • Scottish Highlander Photo Archive

      Photo portrait archive of Scottish Highlanders from the early 20th century.

    • Our Family Genealogy Pages: WHEALTON Family Tree

      WHEALTON family tree including relatives of Whealton's and relatives of our ancestors.

    06 Nov 2009


      Local heritage site with census, graveyard inscriptions,school admissions records,church records, great war dead and enlistees and lots more.

    • Celtic Royal Genealogy

      Celtic royal pedigrees.

    • Hussenbach (Linevo Osero)

      Village of Hussenbach (Linevo Osero), Saratov, Volga, Russia. German Russian descendants, and history.

    05 Nov 2009

    • Shawano County Genealogy

      Shawano County, Wisconsin. USA, Obituaries, Cemeteries, Census Records, Vital Records, Tombstone Pictures, Civil War, Native Americans, Newspapers, Maps, Naturalization's and Family Books.

    04 Nov 2009

    03 Nov 2009

    • Familia Padrés

      Genealogía de la familia Padrés originaria de Sonora México.

    02 Nov 2009

    01 Nov 2009

    • lifefromtheroots

      Genealogy blog will cover my 20 years of genealogy experiences. Major areas of research to include: CT, IL, MA, NY, MI and the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. Will also include cemetery photos, ancestry, and hints. Common surnames: ADAMS, BISHOP, KILBORN, POOLE, SCRAMLIN, TEN EYCK, WESTOVER.